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Collaborations are at the heart of our community, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.

#iamimaji: People that Inspires

#iamimaji: Ria Juwita

If you are a woman in Indonesia, chances are you know who Raden Adjeng Kartini is. Born in an aristocratic family, she is an open-minded intellec...

#imajinspires: Imaji Loves Love

We’ve never known a love story we don’t like through our six years with you. This whole February, we want to spread the love and to know you better.

#iamimaji: Kalya Islamadina

Gen Z in 3 words according to Kalya: Creative, passionate, visionary! "Don't aim to be someone great, be someone useful." - an advice from Kalya's...

#iamimaji: Edgar Honggo

Sharing is Caring One fine and hot morning we travelled all the way to West Jakarta (an area I know very little about) to visit a friend and have...

#imajinspires: What We Do

Ministry of Cool: A Curated Pop Up

MULA is an upcycle project that is simple yet thoughtful of our everyday. How we can turn little bits of pieces into something whole.

Exclusively designed for Plaza Indonesia, this leisurewear collection takes delight in comfort, takes pleasure in creation, and embraces new beginnings as part of our lives.

#imajizerowaste: Tiny Pajamas Workshop

It’s the littlest thing that counts. Upcycle fabric waste into tiny pajamas at your home sweet home with IMAJI Studio IMAJI Studio will be doing ...

Chinese New Year Specials

There is one thing we learn in this pandemic is that sharing good food with your loved ones is the truest form of luxury. For Chinese New Year, IMA...

#imajinspires: Gifts that Gives

Although Christmas comes a little differently this year, the joy of giving is as strong as ever. This season, instead of having a grand celebration let's take a step back a and be grateful for our close knit small circle. Make your gifts personal and thoughtful.