Collaboration with Imaji Studio

"The heart and soul of IMAJI Studio are the humans and the humanity surrounding it."

I am Imaji

#iamimaji: Asaelia Aleeza of Ubah Stigma

Although young, two best friends Asaelia and Emily are determined to create a safe space for mental health awareness in Indonesia. The non-profit organisation is changing the negative stigma surrounding mental health in Indonesia through education, events, information, and the right support system. Here's a peek at the importance of how sleep plays a crucial role in mental health; the mind, body, and soul balance.

#iamimaji: The Collaborators of MIBOSO

“We are a sleep deprived society.”   Installation Dua Studio consists of Dimas Satria and Ardy Hartono. A Jakarta & Bandung based architecture...

#iamimaji: Barasuara

Barasuara is an Indonesian band consisting of Asteriska (vocal), TJ Kusuma (guitar), Puti Chitara (vocal), Iga Massardi (vocal, guitar) and Gerald ...

#iamimaji: Kallula

Define Kallula in words? Blunt, hard lover, sensible, and black parade.   What inspires you to be an entertainer? I believe it has always been my c...

Imaji Inspires

#imajinspires: Every Mask for a Life

Through every purchase of IMAJI Studio’s fabric mask you are helping doctors, nurses, and people from less fortunate communities to access fabric m...

#imajinspires: Quarantine Movie Picks

Our founders have picked some personal favorites to go with your quarantine days. It probably can add a little colour and positivity into your social-distancing days.

MIBOSO Guide to Cope with COVID19

The COVID Virus has put the world into a halt. It is time for self-reflection as human beings as we distance ourselves from the crowd. This piece is just a guide to help spread positivity into the panic-stricken world, a reflection of self-study in the midst of this quarantine.

MIBOSO: Mind, Body, and Soul Experience

We started this collaboration with a purpose to make quality products and to prove that brands that are very different to each other can still find...