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Collaborations are at the heart of our community, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.

#iamimaji: People that Inspires

#iamimaji: Behind The Scene with Lala Jasin

From romance, strange worlds, to talking pets. The concept of what’s real and not becomes so fluid, it’s easily mended by whoever creative minds work behind the scene. Film has become a new way for people to escape reality and travel to different worlds. For Lala Jasin film is like a window to life and we couldn’t agree more.

#iamimaji: The Soul of Taman Hayat

The connection between humans and plans is often overlooked, especially in the life of Jakarta’s bustling concrete jungle. Taman Hayat believes the more urban our lifestyle is, the bigger the need to reconnect with nature.

#iamimaji: The Fantastic Four from Supper

Supper (noun) known as an evening meal is a chance to wind down, catch up, and enjoy yourselves with delicious food with loved ones. For these four individuals, it means something a whole lot more.

#iamimaji: Khairiyyah Sari

Khairiyyah Sari also known as The Style Travelista on social media is a consultant and all around creativepreneur who is passionate about fashion, ...

#imajinspires: What We Do

8 Years of imagination

Celebrating our 8th Anniversary we look back and give appreciation to 8 years of creation, community, dedication to the craft, and the people behin...

IMAJI Studio x APR

Jenggala Vol. II: Ruang Hidup Ruang: Room, space, Hidup: Live, Life   The saying ‘there’s always room for life’ doesn’t exist if we don’t make room...

Timeless with IMAJI

This month of August IMAJI Studio turns 6. Hearts and souls were poured into the making of IMAJI Studio in all our collections and products. The idea started with a fascination of Indonesian fabric and how it's not just an artform but also a proof of civilization. Our love for culture, art, and nature has somehow given birth to IMAJI Studio, a playground to those who see the beauty in everyday things.

Plant Parenting with IMAJI

What we can learn from being a plant-parent:

1. Propagating:

All plants start from seedlings, all our actions start from intention. Cultivate the purest intentions and manifest it into your actions.