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Collaborations are at the heart of our community, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.

I am Imaji

#iamimaji: Edgar Honggo

Sharing is Caring One fine and hot morning we travelled all the way to West Jakarta (an area I know very little about) to visit a friend and have...

#iamimaji: Shannaz & Daiva

The first duo that popped into my mind when bringing the word 'nostalgia' and 'travel' together would be Shannaz & Daiva. The couple is known trendsetters of Jakarta's colorful underground party scene Suara Disko which brings back a wave of nostalgic Indonesian dance anthems from the 70s and 80s played on vinyl onto the dance floor full of millennials and old-timers alike. So it's only right that our muse for our collaboration with Mote-Mote for 'Window Seat' is this awesome duo that pushes their love for local brands to the absolute limit!

#iamimaji: Asaelia Aleeza of Ubah Stigma

Although young, two best friends Asaelia and Emily are determined to create a safe space for mental health awareness in Indonesia. The non-profit organisation is changing the negative stigma surrounding mental health in Indonesia through education, events, information, and the right support system. Here's a peek at the importance of how sleep plays a crucial role in mental health; the mind, body, and soul balance.

#iamimaji: The Collaborators of MIBOSO

“We are a sleep deprived society.”   Installation Dua Studio consists of Dimas Satria and Ardy Hartono. A Jakarta & Bandung based architecture...

Imaji Inspires

#imajinspires: Gifts that Gives

Although Christmas comes a little differently this year, the joy of giving is as strong as ever. This season, instead of having a grand celebration let's take a step back a and be grateful for our close knit small circle. Make your gifts personal and thoughtful.

#imajinspires: Natural Dye ≠ Tie Dye

What is IMAJI Studio? We are a natural dye fabric studio. No, NOT ‘tie dye’.  Natural Dye.   Let me explain to you the difference: ‘Tie Dye’ i...

Natural Dye Workshop

This DIY workshop will explore the wonders of natural plant base dye and how easy it is to create motifs on fabric by using items that can be found in your kitchen! We will be exploring easy techniques with veggies and fruits you usually use for cooking as a tool to create unique graphic motifs. 

#imajinspires: World Mangrove Day

Sunday, 26th July 2020 marks the International Day to Conserve the Mangrove Ecosystem approved by UNESCO all over the world or also known as World Mangrove Day.  To celebrate this day, we went instagram live with Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara to educate ourselves on facts about this unique ecosystem. Joined by usi (Ambonese for 'sister') Sally Kailola, we learnt a lot about the life it supports and how it has been a gift to us in the motherland and of course the urgency to save it for future generations.