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IMAJI Studio is established as a platform for the founders to experiment on traditional natural dye techniques. This brand carries the aesthetic wabi-sabi; an ancient Japanese philosophy that sees beauty in imperfect manmade objects.

IMAJI Studio always combines traditional ingredients with experimental techniques to create contemporary designs. We locally source plants to dye our hand-made fabrics to minimize the negative impact of synthetic dye on the environment.

We only use fabrics made with natural fibers that are hand-woven by local craftsmen from all over Indonesia. Every pattern that we create are stories from the craftsmen and the designers to preserve Indonesian culture and use the best out of its natural resources. 

We aim to preserve hand-woven fabric and utilize the best of Indonesia’s finest plants to create colors and patterns that are out of this world. IMAJI Studio is a collaboration of nature, culture, and art.

The Founders

The founders of IMAJI Studio were from different education backgrounds but founded this brand through sharing the same vision towards ethical fashion, culture, arts, and community values in the local market. 

 IMAJI Studio is an experimental learning process, each of our creations are collectively created by our team. Lyris Alvina finished her studies with the Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design in Binus University, Jakarta. Shari Semesta and Leo Pradana graduated with a Master’s degree from Edith Cowan University, Perth. Shari has a background in Media & Cultural Studies whereas Leo graduated with the title Master of Art of Human Resources.

(Shari, Leo, Lyris)