#iamimaji: Mukul Bhatia

Bali Through the Eyes of Mukul

Mukul Bhatia is an Award-Winning photographer and designer whose works and vision have been lauded internationally by outlets like Forbes, National Geographic, The New York Times, etc. He is known for his work circling sustainability, and regenerative wellness in the fashion and travel industry.

He explored a variety of career choices in different industries very early on and defined his core values and passions — it was a trial and error process. Beginning as a war journalist at 21, he knew that he wanted his work to make a positive change, but he also wanted to honour his emotional boundaries.




"I consider Bali as a gift which landed in perfect time for my creative voyage and I Am very grateful everyday for this spaceBali is a bit of cosmic little bubble. The world felt like another dimension of time, in the last two years of chaos. Bali turned out to be a safe space to pause, restore and re-align my values and vision for my purpose in life, it allowed me to slow down , learn new values, and re-interpret them through my activism work, with kindness towards myself and the world I inhabit."



Meditation honestly has been one of the most important parts of my creative journey. I was introduced to Vipassana at 17, with none other than The Dalai lama in Mcleod Ganj, The Himalayas, through a chance encounter and it was my groundbreaking discovery. It soon become the directional compass for my creative journey and gave me a lot of courage to act in the face of fear, and be safe in my mind, especially in a time like now.


I have been supremely blessed to find my meaning and lead with it, and now I am working to share this process with others — Collaboration, not competition.

Place: HOSHINOYA Bali 

Writer: Fitri Melati Putri

Article: To read more https://desakalapatra.id/contact/

Written by Imaji Studio