Plant Parenting with IMAJI

What we can learn from being a plant-parent:

1. Propagating:

All plants start from seedlings, all our actions start from intention. Cultivate the purest intentions and manifest it into your actions.

2. Potting:

Once the plants grow roots and planted into a healthy soil the most exciting part is choosing a beautiful home for them.

It’s wiser to have a strong ideal then choose how you want to represent yourselves to the world. Self-expression should always start from the inside then reflected on the outside, not the other way around.

3. Sunlight & Water:

The right amount of light and water can do wonders to nourish our bodies. A healthy body gives light to a healthy mind and a healthy mind is food for the healthy soul.

4. Fertilising:

This is a good reminder of how our lives are interconnected to others inextricably. A healthy soil needs a healthy dose of organic fertilisers from old leaves, fruits, to animal droppings.

5. Pruning:

Don’t be afraid to cut any attachments that are hindering you to grow bigger. Pruning is nature’s way of telling us that changing and growing is natural and will always be a part of life.

6. Repotting:

As we grow, we need new ways to express ourselves. Do not be afraid to always aim bigger and let our hearts open up bigger to more possibilities.


Written by Imaji Studio