Timeless with IMAJI

This month of August IMAJI Studio turns 6. Hearts and souls were poured into the making of IMAJI Studio in all our collections and products. The idea started with a fascination of Indonesian fabric and how it's not just an artform but also a proof of civilization. Our love for culture, art, and nature has somehow given birth to IMAJI Studio, a playground to those who see the beauty in everyday things.

This whole month, we are giving 4 lucky winners 4 items from our essentials. It's easy, every week we'll post in our instagram a series of quizzes and pictures and all you have to do is participate.

The winners are announced at 15:00 every Sunday, our time and our story we owe it all to you and the people behind the scenes of creation. So by giving it back to you, we hope we can keep your prayers and wishes with us. 

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Written by Imaji Studio