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#IAMIMAJI: The Collaborators of MIBOSO

“We are a sleep deprived society.”   Installation Dua Studio consists of Dimas Satria and Ardy Hartono. A Jakarta & Bandung based architecture and design studio. After finishing their studies in DIA - Bauhaus Dessau in 2015, Dimas Satria and Ardy Hartono try to begin their small steps in architecture practice. This architecture and design studio loves the process and exploration in ideas and concept, to create a rich space and strong character.  The process started with questions: How we fall asleep? How do we stay asleep?  How do our bodies and mind consociate while we sleep? So on and so forth.  When the idea of using materials that are already available from Sulla and IMAJI Studio came to surface,...
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#iamimaji: Barasuara

Barasuara is an Indonesian band consisting of Asteriska (vocal), TJ Kusuma (guitar), Puti Chitara (vocal), Iga Massardi (vocal, guitar) and Gerald Situmorang (bass). Formed in 2011 at Jakarta, Barasuara is a manifest of the voice of spirit and the freedom of thought for the people of Indonesia. With an authentic music composition, enhanced with beautifully haunting bahasa Indonesia spoken lyrics, Barasuara breathes a hybrid of psychedelic, rock, folk, blues, and jazz music. Photography by: @davianakbar   Can you define your band in three words? A: Majestic, colorful, and energetic. TJ: Air, angin, api P: Diverse, bold, and colorful I: Blue, red, and green (Synesthesia) G: Fire, energy, and diverse   Never have I ever … (fill in the blank) A:...
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#iamimaji: Kallula

Define Kallula in words? Blunt, hard lover, sensible, and black parade.   What inspires you to be an entertainer? I believe it has always been my calling since I was small. Nobody in my family urges me towards that path until I decided to pursue them myself because I heard Lykke Li on the radio.   How does it feel to do the thing you love most? I feel blessed and scared at the same time. I wouldn't know how to live without music because it has always been a part of my life.   Is there any motto/mantras at work and at life? "NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS"   If you could collaborate with a musician (dead/alive), who would...
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#iamimaji: Nadcil

Like any other great artists, Nadya Natasha or known as Nadcil has her own quirks. I got my second tattoo from her and kept coming back despite the long wait because she's one of the most in demand tattoo artist in Indonesia among the youngsters. Here we are hanging out at her tattoo studio in Kuningan, Jakarta thinking what I'm going to get as a tattoo next.   Her art has always had a unique style and what's amazing is her patience to listen to her never ending customers. I know, because I was one of them. What makes her a great individual is her capability to have a strong sense of self and humbleness. Let's get to know her shall we?...
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#iamimaji: Adinda & Barry

How do you guys meet each other? A: JakJazz 2007, Barry needed a backing vocal for his performance with Barry Likumahuwa Project and a friend recommended me, Adinda.   What is music to you in three words? Our second breath.   If you could collaborate with any musicians dead or alive who would it be and why? Barry :John Mayer, just because! Adinda : Lalah Hathaway What are the things or moments that make you who you are now? We found our true "identity" by coming to an understanding of what God intended us to do in our lives. He gives us a purpose.   What would you want to convey in your music? That we should celebrate life, under...
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#iamimaji: Tara & Mono

Tell us of your Instagram names @Mamaofsnow and @monoNeurotic? T: Mama of Snow because I am Snow’s mama :D M: Jonathan Mono is my stage name, Neurotic is my band.   Would you say your social media persona is your alter ego or your true identity? T: Both! It’s the true me because everything there is real, but it’s also my alter ego because on social media I am more expressive in saying what I’m usually too introvert to say directly. M: True me. What is the most important thing for you? T: My family’s happiness and mine too! M: Family Your favorit Neurotic song to dance to? T: Berwarna, because Mono said the song is about me!   Which...
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IMAJI Studio x Kallula

“Just the right madness to make her interesting.” – Atticus   For the summer capsule collection, we collaborated with the singer from the electronic music duo Kimokal, also known as Kallula and The F Thing. Kallula is known for her urban sense of style on stage and her everyday look is a delight to be working with. Her upbeat and quirky taste in fashion is a challenge and an inspiration to the collection.   The two motifs that stand out from the collection are called Handbrush and Seafoam. While Handbrush is pretty self-explanatory, ‘Seafoam’ was created using airbrush. All handmade, the motifs differ from one piece to the other. These two motifs are the marriage of Kallula’s black and white...
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#iamimaji: Hofmann Journal

What does Hofmann Journal stand for?  E: Hofmann is short for "House of Many Plants and Nature", whereas the Journal is short for something secret! *wink What inspires you to jump into this business? N: It started off as a hobby, we love collecting and taking care of plants then people started asking if our plants were on sale. So we tried selling them and here we are now, two botanists.   How does it feel to be working side by side with your life partner? N: We actually argue most of the time, it may sound weird but our arguments can lead to the best decisions. For example, we argue over the simplest thing whether to keep or sell...
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