#iamimaji: Vira Talisa

Meet our Leo sister, Vira Talisa, our bossanova queen with a sunny personality and super laid back attitude. Multitalented with a vibrant personality, her music and artworks is a ray of sunshine. Although known for her music, she has some secret talents up her sleeves, her illustrations are a life of its own. Today we had the opportunity to share her life at home at her most comfortable, and a way to inspire us to love being at home and who knows, pick up some new hobbies ourselves. 


What is your favorite home activity?

V: Definitely cooking breakfast!




The stuff you use or wear most at home?

V: T-shirts and linen pants


What makes you smile these days?

V: Taking my morning walk around the neighborhood. I just love seeing how peaceful things can be before the day starts.


Favorite songs to dance at home?

V: Patrick O’Hearn - Mixed Up, Taeko Onuki - Samba de Mar and Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You! But every other day i would listen to some BTS too


Pick up new hobby?

V: Taking care of my 2 new pet fishes!


What is your definition of 'home'?

V: A safe place where we feel protected and sheltered.


You have a new song out, please let us know more of that!

V: Yes! I just released my new single Oh Sunny Days last month. Since the world has become such a cloudy place for me and so many others, i’m trying to express my longing for better days ahead through this song.


A saying to live by.

“The process of getting better is uncomfortable, sometimes hurtful, but necessary.”

Written by Imaji Studio