#iamimaji: Phoebe Carolyn

Phoebe Carolyn or also known as Mama THK is a powerhouse, from philantrophy, fashion, psychology, to culture she has been in the forefront of sociopreneurship. Creating a safe haven for artisans in Kendari and Bali to not only create but to grow together as equals by her brand Tri Hita Karana with her partner Karin. What started out from a hobby quickly turned into a business that gives back to the community. From her work to her leisuretime, let’s get to know Phoebe Carolyn. 



Why do you create THK?
Me and Karin wanted to create our own rings. Something dainty that can be worn daily, with a specific hidden meaning, and with an affordable price tag.
We did our research about Silversmiths in Indonesia. During our journey, we went to Kendari, and connected with a local silversmith. It’s so heartbreaking to see before our eyes how terrible their condition was.

Bali seemed better, but many of the silversmiths were also suffering — living under the shadow of profit-oriented-companies who won’t share their cake.
So yeah, you know the saying, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change yourself?” That’s what we did.

We changed the way we see things; it’s no longer just about wanting to make pretty jewelries. Through THK, we intend to change the situation. We want them to rise up.



How is living in the island of paradise so far?
I’m happy. Nothing to complain about.
Life here is slower in pace, but somehow I am much more productive.


How does THK survive the pandemic?
By Grace!

Who are you during COVID?
I feel like I’m still me, but I discovered things about myself that I did not know I was capable of. Turns out I’m capable of being a furmom! And I enjoy solitude more than ever :)



Talk to us about the struggles in THK.
We started THK with just me and Karin. We’re used to doing things by ourselves. Now we actually have a team, and a store. We have to adjust our pace & delegate. It’s personally hard for me at first, especially because 50% of our team members work virtually and not face to face. But I slowly overcame it by finding the root of why it’s so hard for me in the first place. Turns out it’s more psychological than managerial.

Best local brands people should know about atm.
Hahahaa I love IMAJI tho! I also really love Fredhelligh, and would love to have a house full of Fredhelligh items.

Best Bali Bakeries!
Ok I’ve tried MANY bakeries here, and they’re mostly amazing, but I still love the good old Monsieur Spoon most.

Home girl/Party girl?
I can be both ;) and I enjoy being both!

Life hack you live by.
Trust your gut. And your mom.

The unforgettable silver lining in THK?
Me and Karin, like every other people, endured a lot of pain. But we grew out of it. Then we poured what we have learned from our experiences; what life has taught us, into our jewelries - the meaning and philosophy - so we can carry them every day as a reminder. Turns out, many people needed that reminder as well. And that’s how we started this beautiful and strong community, #SahabatTHK.


What THK means to you.
I used to see THK as my baby. But now, I realize that THK is no longer mine. THK belongs to all of us. It has touched so many lives. It is truly a blessing.

Now, I see THK as a vessel.

You can’t live without.
Opal & Motee.

Written by Imaji Studio