#iamimaji: Kallula

Define Kallula in words?

Blunt, hard lover, sensible, and black parade.


What inspires you to be an entertainer?

I believe it has always been my calling since I was small. Nobody in my family urges me towards that path until I decided to pursue them myself because I heard Lykke Li on the radio.


How does it feel to do the thing you love most?

I feel blessed and scared at the same time. I wouldn't know how to live without music because it has always been a part of my life.


Is there any motto/mantras at work and at life?



If you could collaborate with a musician (dead/alive), who would it be?

Lykke Li or Frank Ocean


Favorite backstage ritual.

Usually it's me and my coffee but nowadays I need my aroma therapy oils.


Tell us a little about your favorite playlist today.

It's a hot mess, trust me! I recently developed a bigger love towards hiphop and the Rn'B genre rather than the usual mix of electronic and shoe gaze mellow music. I have in my playlist from Perfume Genius, Beach House, Cigarettes After Sex, Solange, FKA Twigs to Jorja Smith, SZA, to Tyler the Creator. It's everywhere!


What has changed before and after Kimokal?

Habits do change. I used to work on so many things at once to support my music direction. To make ends meet I do part time as a shopkeeper, radio announcing, to VO and MC-ing which I totally love because I was able to explore my comfort zone.


I realized that what I really wanted to do in life was music and fashion as it is my second love after music. Now after Kimokal, I can focus on music and that's the only beginning of my ultimate dream which is to travel around the globe - with my music.


Tell us something we can quote.


Why would you do something that is not you? Find yourself and I believe the universe will conspire to help you, never lose faith. :)


What is your wildest imagination?

To play at Coachella.

Written by Imaji Studio