#iamimaji: Barasuara

Barasuara is an Indonesian band consisting of Asteriska (vocal), TJ Kusuma (guitar), Puti Chitara (vocal), Iga Massardi (vocal, guitar) and Gerald Situmorang (bass). Formed in 2011 at Jakarta, Barasuara is a manifest of the voice of spirit and the freedom of thought for the people of Indonesia. With an authentic music composition, enhanced with beautifully haunting bahasa Indonesia spoken lyrics, Barasuara breathes a hybrid of psychedelic, rock, folk, blues, and jazz music.

Photography by: @davianakbar


  1. Can you define your band in three words?

A: Majestic, colorful, and energetic.

TJ: Air, angin, api

P: Diverse, bold, and colorful

I: Blue, red, and green (Synesthesia)

G: Fire, energy, and diverse


  1. Never have I ever … (fill in the blank)

A: Wasting time on not having fun and I'm never NOT free.

TJ: Like traffic jams.

P: Liked green (the color)

I: Eat sushi, pasta, steak, or any kinds of food with Bon Cabe

G: Played roller coaster in Dufan

M: Smoked or tried cigarettes.


  1. What is your secret skill?

A: Fantasizing. And highly Empathetic.

TJ: Cooking an omelette with a microwave.

P: Pull my upper right lip with an invisible thread

I: Not being a jerk.

G: I play the guitar too asides from bass.

M: I don't think there's any.



  1. Alright, on to your music. A little birdie told us you’re releasing a new album soon. Can you tell us what we can look forward to for your much-anticipated album?

A: Lyrics-wise, it is drawn from life in general and a personal level. We hope it can represent people in real life. Music-wise, it'll show a little more color and fun.

TJ: It's always hard to answer this question because music has to be heard and felt. There will be comfort, contentment, joy, and fire more or less.

P: Not much to tell, it's a surprise!

I: Always listen to a bigger bird.

G: It's something different from Taifun, every song has its own character and we grow more mature in content by defining our own characteristics in the second album.

M: I think Barasuara as a band grows up in this second album. We understand better and are more focused on what we want to achieve. For me personally, I am very satisfied with how it turned out because every song sounds amazing to have fun to. A little note from me to you, listen to the whole album with the volume cranked up!


  1. What was the main inspiration for this album?

A: I think Gerald and Iga can explain better.

TJ: The biggest inspiration draws from each of the band members' personal experience. Bad or good is all in there.

P: Social issues and relationships

I: I wrote most of the lyrics in this second album, and it stems from my darkest days.

G: Too much thinking!

M: I think Iga understands the most but as for my own inspiration, it's more on how I can blend and give more fun beats to the music.


  1. Any relatable songs from the new album to your everyday life?

A: "Seribu Racun"!

TJ: Each one of them

P: "Tentukan Arah"

I: All.

G: I think "Guna Manusia" and "Tentukan Arah"

M: Almost all. It's all about perspective.


  1. Who do you think is the most “mom” during rehearsals?

A:  none of them, everyone is peterpan.

TJ:  Everyone is noisy.

P:  Me.

I:  Sarah Deshita from Darlin Records, our label. She’s the mom-est person on earth. Have you watched Modern Family? She’s Jay Pritchett.

G:  I think sometimes I'm the most talkative, HAHA!

M:  Hmmm... Puti.


  1. A mantra you tell yourself before you start the day …. (fill in the blank)

A:  Everything is good in its own time.

TJ:  Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

P:  Live today like there's no tomorrow

I:  Raffi Ahmad starts shooting at 4:00 AM in the morning and drives a Lambhorgini. So get your ass off the bed!

G:  Every effort will be fruitful in its time.

M:  I don't do this mantra everyday but at moments I always take a step back and calm myself down to be grateful, never forget to be grateful. Everything you have and all you have achieved is something to be thankful about, don't see the negative side. Lastly, BE HUMBLE B*TCH!


  1. What is your wildest imagination?

A:  To travel the world without having to worry about money, ever.

TJ:  To be a Gundam pilot with the mothership in the basement of my house running on Earth's core with nuclear energy. My family won't know until someday I have to save them because of incoming cataclysm on Earth.

P:  Performing in Royal Albert Hall or Budokan Arena.

I:  To be an actor.

G:  I imagine of time travel and the existence of parallel universes.

M:  I become Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory and have a secret lab, but without the annoying Dee Dee of course.

Written by Imaji Studio