#iamimaji: Nadcil

Like any other great artists, Nadya Natasha or known as Nadcil has her own quirks. I got my second tattoo from her and kept coming back despite the long wait because she's one of the most in demand tattoo artist in Indonesia among the youngsters. Here we are hanging out at her tattoo studio in Kuningan, Jakarta thinking what I'm going to get as a tattoo next.


Her art has always had a unique style and what's amazing is her patience to listen to her never ending customers. I know, because I was one of them. What makes her a great individual is her capability to have a strong sense of self and humbleness. Let's get to know her shall we?


  1. What makes a great tattoo artist?

A great tattoo artist should have their own uniques style and set of skills.


  1. When did you start tattooing and how?

I started tattooing about 10 years ago. I was too curious about tattoos when i got my first one when i was 19 and then I started to dig for more knowledge.


  1. Your favorite tattoo on your body today and why?

I have a poked tattoo on my ankle dedicated to myself about my life story & how far i am going to go as a tattoo artist.


  1. If you could change any tattoos on you today which one would it be and to what?

I've never regretted all of my tattoos but if I could change any of my tattoos it would be my sleeve and back piece tattoos into something more meaningful :D


  1. Your favorite everyday tattooing routine?

Always meeting a new person and to listen about their stories behind their concepts.


  1. What is your favorite song to drive to at the moment?

The Marias - I Don't Know You


  1. Would you say you are exactly where you want to be at this moment?

I haven’t reached my final point right now, I’ve always pushed myself to the limit and I still go to bed feeling like i haven't done enough.


  1. What is success to you?

To be happy and grateful everyday.

  1. Any person dead or alive you'd love to collaborate with.



  1. What is your wildest imagination?

To be able to not sleep, so I can be more productive at night. I feel like 24/7 is not enough.



Written by Imaji Studio