Vice Versa 2.0: Holidaze

HO LI DAZE (noun)

The confusing period between the long holidays that got you stuck in a daze.

What better way to spend these in-between dates by spending time at our special holiday pop up store. A celebration of unique local brands, wine, and a special self-love pampering corner. 

Carrying 10 notable local brands ranging from fashion, home and living, to personal care. Vice Versa 2.0 is your go-to this holiday season.

Vice Versa is a collaborative and interactive pop up event. A joint effort by IMAJI Studio, RACCOONANDBABIES, and CRÈ to network with fellow creativepreneurs and other unique Indonesian local brands from multiple creative industries.  It is a platform for brand owners to mingle personally with their customers and other owners. 

This holidaze season we bring you:



IMAJI Studio


Mote Mote




Watt the Walk


Home & Living


Sulla Home


Personal Care


Merci Hampers


Written by Imaji Studio