IMAJI Studio at 23 Fashion District

23 Fashion District: Towards Sustainable Fashion Trend Forecasting 2020/2021

Held in Bandung for three days from 6-8 December 2020 and have up to 70 local fashion designers to present their sustainable and unique collections. From ready-to-wear pieces, street, to couture. 

IMAJI Studio draws forth imagination of the fickle cosmos we are in. Every particle from Alpha to the Omega is a worldly equation of our existence.

Let them take you on an interstellar journey of motifs inspired by the universe with a special collaboration with illustrator, Varsam Kurnia from Something’s To Keep. Varsam Kurnia’s interplanetary work for Something’s To Keep is translated into IMAJI Studio’s own DNA. Varsam turns IMAJI Studio’s waste fabric unto embroidered details completing the collection.

While maintaining its comfortable lifewear silhouettes for the men collection, and casual crop tops and oversized outers for the women, IMAJI Studio creates new motifs from natural dye on a hand-woven cotton base. Producing monochromatic colors that signifies the urban lifestyle and bright sunny colors that represents the life of the tropics.

The new motifs incorporate different dye techniques, some of them mixing traditional shibori method with hand brush details and some of them have a more abstract technique with water as a medium to create color gradations.

Written by Imaji Studio