MIBOSO: Mind, Body, and Soul Experience

We started this collaboration with a purpose to make quality products and to prove that brands that are very different to each other can still find similarities when both are grounded in passion. This exhibition is not just a pop up but an interactive exhibition that forces us out of our comfort zones as local brands to start a dialogue and broaden our scope of creative work alongside other people from various creative industry. It is made to create an experience to everyone that came, heightening all their five senses so they are aware of being human. 

Reaching out to collaborators with such diverse communities has made us start dialogues that expand our minds and the creative industry. Leaving much room to explore on how we can always improve ourselves as artists in this fast-paced industry. MIBOSO has created a safe haven for artists to talk about their works, share their passion, reconnect, and mingle with like-minded people. People who came as strangers leave as friends because we are reminded once again with this experience to share knowledge and to ask questions. 

Two workshops were held in the main installation area on the 14th of March 2020 and 15th of March 2020. On Saturday, decked in long tables, there was painting workshop with Bartega. The main space is still open for public during the workshop. Visitors can see the workshop as part of the mind, body, soul experience. Visitors can observe how each participants interpret ‘Celestial Dream’ (which was the theme) their own way. The painting was made on MIBOSO totebag by Sulla Home and IMAJI Studio that all participants take home with them. 

On Sunday morning, amidst the fear of the COVID madness, Mood Jakarta lead a small and intimate group of participants for meditation. Accompanied by Prabumi’s ambient sound, Janice Anya from MOOD Jakarta lead witnessing meditation to start the day. All participants wore eyemasks by Sulla and IMAJI Studio and took home MOOD’s herbal concoctions. A fresh start to a memorable last day, on the night we hosted a small group of close friends to Prabumi’s and Ivan Reyhan’s opening sequence accompanied by Jakarta’s thunderstorm just outside the premises. You can say that it was the perfect experience to finish the exhibition. 

Not only are we able to showcase and display all the products during these five days but we are able to be-friend so many strangers and introduce a whole new meaning to Jakarta’s 

scene of contemporary performing arts and multi-disciplinary collaborations. We hope to continue to create a positive and a thriving community for unheard artists and local brands. As it is our wish for MIBOSO to not only be an event but also a movement that resonates positivity to anyone who shares a passion for art. 






Written by Imaji Studio