MIBOSO Guide to Cope with COVID19

From the last months, the whole world was put to its knees with the COVID virus. Countries have been forced into lockdowns, people separated with their loved ones, and despair strikes the mass audience as we await for a cure or salvation. These past few weeks has been hard on Indonesia, the government withholding information from the public only produces mass paranoia and people are afraid. This is by no means a cure to COVID or a step-by-step guide for COVID prevention. I am writing this merely because I care about getting positivity out there in this panic-stricken world. 

We had an event called MIBOSO: Mind, Body, and Soul Experience the last week. From my encounter with people who actually cared of the balance I learnt a lot of things that I would love to share with you through this blog. As I write this I am self-quarantining myself for two weeks so that I can take care of my health first and foremost and prioritize my life back in order. I am looking at the COVID virus form all angles and reflecting back to myself on what I will do in this time of self-quarantine. 

To be a better human being in all this chaos, there has to be a balance of the mind, body, and soul. For me personally, the soul always comes first, then the mind, then the body will follow. I am in no way a doctor or an expert, I put all this information through an acute observation of the virus, the effects it has on my country and others, and information gathered by research and interviews with psychologists. 



  • Do not panic

    Panic-buying is not going to solve anything, it can only make things worse for other people. Shop necessities like regularly and stop stocking up on things other people may need. 


    • Be self-less

    If you have extra masks, share. Extra hand sanitizers? Share. It is important that we help those who are less fortunate not profit from it. You can help minimise risks of infections by giving others what they need. Self-quarantine yourselves if you have just been to a social event or feeling under the weather, it’s better to be safe rather than risking someone else’s life for your momentary fun. 


    • Fact check

    Whatsapp news are NOT news. Always remember to fact check any COVID facts from reliable sources like WHO and reliable news outlets. It is important to cross-check your references before you share them. Spreading panic is never the answer, spread helpful facts and cross-reference them before hand. 


    • Keep a positive mind

    Know for a fact that the probability of recovering from the COVID virus are high. So be aware that this is something you can help stop spreading and recover from. By research, an optimistic mind can help people get better cardiovascular health and better coping skills in hard times. 



    • Wash your hands regularly

    World Health Organisation declared that the most effective way to clean yourself is by soap and warm water. Take the time to regularly wash your hands after touching any public surfaces or after contact with someone else. 


    • Keep your daily stuff clean

    Clean your phones/laptops/bags regularly and every day after using them outside of your premises. It’s advised to also wash your clothes after using them.


    • Get yourself quality sleep

    Quality sleep is the most basic form of self-love that we sometimes take for granted. It is not about quantity but quality. Take up a good self-care regiment before you go to bed, take a shower, get clean sheets, hydrate, and do not play with your gadgets or electronics before going to sleep. A clean and healthy environment will improve your sleep quality.


    • Hydrate frequently

    Drink as much and as plenty of water as you can. Although drinking water every 15 minutes will NOT prevent the virus from entering your body, getting enough water is crucial for any good immune system.


    • Eat healthy 

    Even though some of you may stay at home, you must still maintain a healthy diet with lots of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables will help boost your immune system and boost your morale. Drinking jamu and consuming vitamin C is crucial to maintain a healthy body.


    • Be aware of the symptoms

    If you have cough and shortness of breath it is well-advised to get checked immediately to the nearest hospital. It is better to have to treated earlier than later.



    • Meditate

    Take some time out of your busy day to meditate. Meditation gives you the time to self-reflect on how to become a better person. Try to leave all your work/home troubles away and just focus on being present and be grateful.


    • Pray

    Just like meditating, praying is a good time for self-reflection and just be grateful about every aspects of your lives. No matter what the religion, when you pray for someone else it always have a positive impact on your soul. If you are an atheist, recite positive intentions for loved ones and mean it. It has a healing effect to your soul. 


    • Support system

    Social distancing and self-quarantine does not mean you can’t have any contact with your closest families and friends. Keep in touch with them, update and reconnect with them. This time is the best time to spend it with the people you care about most, it gives us a chance to prioritise our support system and get them on track.


    • Take a gadget break

    Although being confined to our houses makes it difficult for us to take a gadget break it will be relieving if we can develop new simple hobbies. Been looking at cooking videos? Take up cooking. Been looking at art? Take up painting. Taking up new hobbies enrich your soul and make you reconnect to your inner child.


    • Breathing exercises

    Always make time for breathing exercises in the morning and before bed. While doing these, do not forget to stretch and keep playing positive reaffirmation words to yourself. Keep reminding yourself that you can be a better human being each day and never take your breaths for granted. 


    ** Photographs from MIBOSO Opening Day, 11 March 2020, by Reza Rachman and Faisal Rangga. ** Writer is Shari Semesta who is in no way an expert just an individual who takes up writing as her new hobby during this self-quarantine.  

    Written by Imaji Studio