IMAJI Studio x Ottoman's Coffee

Ottoman's Coffee has open its doors in Cilandak Town Square, the heart of South Jakarta, with its signature candy-like interior and signature coffee. Not only are they serving a wide variety of fusion Indonesian food, but also now they serve cocktails with fresh ingredients.

What greater way to celebrate Ottoman's Coffee opening its flagship café than coffee and slow fashion collaboration. IMAJI Studio x Ottoman's Coffee is the first ever coffee collaboration and our embark on experimenting with fabric art. We handmade the motif for the collaboration with Ottoman's signature colors to create into sellable merchandise that is sold in the flagship café and our webstore.

On the day, alongside Jakarta's formidable fashion influencers and trendsetters, we held a simple marbling workshop on pieces of postcards that everyone can take home. It was a messy but truly fun day. Everyone was allowed to experiment on as many different colours and techniques to marble their postcards.



Written by Imaji Studio