IMAJI Studio at Tengah

Like every fabric studio, we are excited to experiment on ways to create more diverse products without losing our brand's identity. Tengah by STBD is a co-living space in the heart of Central Jakarta that has offered us an opportunity to get our hands of home & living accessories. Through this platform we decided to take on home accessories mainly focusing on our fabric waste and new handwoven fibers from water hyacinth to banana leaves mixed with cotton.

We are lucky enough to be part of the Tengah community along with three other collaborators, Hofmann Journal (Tropical Indoor Plants), Taman Hayat (Bizarre Plants), and Akayama Woodworks. We showcased how fabric and nature goes hand in hand in an urban scape. The topic of #slowliving has become the center of our demos and workshop during the event. Living a balanced life in the midst of a very busy city.


All our items showcased at Tengah will be available for pre-order through our website or personal inquiry by e-mail. We can't wait to share with you more of them. In the meanwhile, keep yourselves posted through our instagram!



Written by Imaji Studio