Celebrating our 8th Anniversary we look back and give appreciation to 8 years of creation, community, dedication to the craft, and the people behind the scenes.

In collaboration with videographer Luthfi Kautsar and traditional dancer Bathara Saviragedi Dewandoro we have created a mix media art video titled “Inner Sanctum” that took two months to complete. 

“Inner Sanctum” represents the life within our body. The purest of intentions are translated into dance movements that are dynamic, impulsive, and full of raw emotions. Translated from the roots of our own Indonesian culture that emphasizes creation through the soul. 

The creation of the final video includes contributions from our PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. Our dearest friends and family representing our past, our beloved culture and fashion communities representing our present, and last but not least hopeful students representing the future. 

We have gathered 1200 pages of individual doodles through a month-long workshops, soireés, and seminars in August. These doodles are wishes, hopes, aspirations, and creative expressions that will be compiled into a minute and a half stop motion video. The video will serve as our inspiration for an upcoming collection and a reminder that through individual creative expressions, we are united through a collective purpose.


Written by Imaji Studio