#imajinspires: Imaji Loves Love

Here's a love letter from us to you.

We’ve never known a love story we don’t like through our six years with you. This whole February, we want to spread the love and to know you better.

Our pieces are our love letter to you, sourced from mother earth, and handcrafted by our artisans with you in mind. We work alongside fabric and dye artisans across Indonesia to produce unique motifs from plants sourced locally in the area. It is a mutual understanding of how human and nature can co-exist not only ethically but also in harmony. Each motif is handmade by craftsmen and the designers to preserve Indonesian culture and use the best out of its natural resources, specially made for you.


On this special month, we would like to give back to you. Like coffee and donuts, you complete us.

Enter our giveaway to win Tacca Tee, Lucid Dream Tote, and Monochrome Fabric Masks!


How to participate: 

  1. Follow @imaji.studio on Instagram
  2. Post yourself wearing any IMAJI Studio piece on any moment you feel loved. 

(It can be self-love, with your partner, with your family, or even with your lovely pets)

  1. Caption the special moment on why you feel loved
  2. Tag your loved ones and @imaji.studio
  3. Include the caption #imajiLovesLove
  4. Get a chance for a special prize at the end of February for three lucky participants!

We would love to see your special moment with Imaji when you feel most loved!


Stay safe, stay loved, and stay #positivewithimaji

Written by Imaji Studio
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