#iamimaji: Hofmann Journal
  1. What does Hofmann Journal stand for? 

E: Hofmann is short for "House of Many Plants and Nature", whereas the Journal is short for something secret! *wink

  1. What inspires you to jump into this business?

N: It started off as a hobby, we love collecting and taking care of plants then people started asking if our plants were on sale. So we tried selling them and here we are now, two botanists.


  1. How does it feel to be working side by side with your life partner?

N: We actually argue most of the time, it may sound weird but our arguments can lead to the best decisions. For example, we argue over the simplest thing whether to keep or sell the plants.

E: Overall working with your life partner is so much fun because we can be ourselves at work. Laugh or cry, no boundaries at all. Another plus side is we get to spend a lot of time together too.

  1. Is there any motto/mantras to keep the peace in working together?

EN: We just keep our minds positive. No Drama.


  1. Favorite song TODAY to garden to.

EN: Moon Boots – Keep the Faith (feat. Nic Hanson)


  1. If you could make one type of plant talk, which one would that be? What would you say to it?


E: I would love to have all my plants talk or sing. The plant that has the best vocal could be the lead singer to my imaginary plant boyband, Backyard Boys.

  1. Favorite plant ritual.

N: Repotting, cutting and propagating.


  1. Tell us about your own personal plant collection.

E: We have many personal plant collections, we usually keep our favorites and they're not for sale.

N: Licuala Mattanensis a.k.a. Mapu and Zamioculcas Zamiifolia a.k.a. Raven.

  1. What has changed before and after Hofmann Journal?

EN: Talking 24/7 about plants and it never gets old.

    10. Tell us something we can quote.

EN: "Life is good with plants"


Written by Imaji Studio