Home with Keenan Pearce & Gianni Fajri

MULA is not the start of something new, it's going home.

I personally met Keenan and Gian quite a long time ago, ever since IMAJI Studio exists from one bazaar to the other. I met them during one of our bazaars in Indoestri Day in 2015 if I recall correctly. I remember Gian very well because she bought one of our tops and was one of the people who were super curious about us and asked a lot of questions, the way her face lights up with curiosity and wonder was like no other. They weren't together yet at our first encounters but one thing is certain, both of them are welcoming, warm, and curious souls. 



So fast forward to 2017, Keenan became best friends with my little brother and we never got close but I sensed a very strong bond (or you can call it bromance) between the two. During these years, my little brother slowly developed a keen sense of love and appreciation to Indonesian culture and I knew right away Keenan has a hand in this and their shared journey is testament to how strong souls can bond. 

Then on to 2021, Keenan and Gian with their two adorable children, Benji & Alma. Who knew we were going to cross paths again, this time we don't believe it was by accident. They were moving to Bali with their children and you cannot help but feel happy for them. It's as if it was where they were meant to be, as we all are.

They have just embarked on a new beginning as a husband and wife and as parents. Effortless and easy, they made a big decision with so much faith and hope for humanity which is a breath of fresh air in these anxious times. Their shared love of nature and adventure has lead them to a life worth living. 




I see them embody the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana in their everyday, a philosophy deeply embedded in the process of creating MULA. Tri Hita Karana is an ancient Balinese philosophy that creates a trifecta of God/The Creator, people, and nature to prosper and be in harmony with life. Just as they begin their new journey, they are paving the way for others to be inspired, brave, and true to themselves.

Creating MULA was a leap of faith during this pandemic, talking with Keenan and Gian and asking them to be our muse was a leap of faith, and yet again I was awed by how much ease we feel when we talked about what's coming. Just as IMAJI feels like starting over with MULA, they are also starting over their life in a different city. But it doesn't feel like we were going anywhere alien instead it's just us going where we are supposed to go, home. 



What I feel when I talk to Keenan and Gian with our shared love for Indonesia's diverse cultures and hopes for humanity comes from the purest of intentions. Although we have different backgrounds and upbringings, one thing we know that we are living life the only way we know how, by giving and creating. 

Our relationships resonates deeply to Indonesia's own motto, "Bhinekka Tunggal Ika" which was an excerpt from an old Javanese manuscript, Kakawin Sutasoma. Often misunderstood as 'unity in diversity' the motto actually literally translates to '(Although) in Pieces yet One". It goes beyond cultures, it is the core of humanity.

...and we will meet one another face to face very soon when the universe wills it as there are no such things as coincidences.


Written by: Shari Semesta
Photography: Indra Kantawibawa
Stylist: Jazmine Wilson
Written by Imaji Studio