IMAJI Studio at Festival Indonesia Moscow

Spending summer in Moscow isn't as you expected. Let's start with the weather, it's not hot at all. It rains quite often and it was 18 degrees celsius the hottest, which is cold if translated into Indonesia's tropical weather. Nonetheless it was such an amazing experience to spend 4 days representing Indonesia in the heart of Moscow. 

The event was held at Kresnaya Presna Park, a beautiful park in the heart of Moscow that attracts both the young and the elderly. As the gamelan (traditional Indonesian music instruments) echoes through the main stage, Moscowites are excited to be munching on Indonesian traditional food and browsing through our handmade fabrics. 

It was an experience like no other, it's an amazing experience where you gain more friends than competition. We met Anna, our translator, and she brought us traditional breakfast to snack our cold summer days. 

Sometimes it pours, even on the day. Making it even colder. Just minutes before our turn on the runway it was pouring like crazy. I was backstage with the models so afraid that the tent might fall, but just 5 minutes before our turn, it was bright and sunny. Call it what you want but I call it a miracle, the sun favored us somehow and there goes our COSMOS 2019 Fashion Presentation at the heart of Moscow.

Written by Imaji Studio
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