A Jamu Story: Making the Most of Nature

JAMU is an Indonesian word that refers to herbal concoctions (drinks, powder, pills, etc) with recipes passed down from our ancestors and has become an essential part of our culture. Although the word jamu may have underlying negative stigma because of the bitter taste, there is a deep philosophy behind this local wisdom.

The word itself comes from old Javanese, jam from jampi which means prayers and the 'U' from usodo which means health. So culturally, the creation of jamu is a person's prayer of good health. Most families in the island of Java grows their own herbs or pick them outside to blend them and create jamu.
It consists of blending roots, fruits, flowers, leaves, or stem of a plant. You can boil, dry, squeeze, and add water and honey according to your needs. They have a recipe for each of your health issues for example: joint pain, digestive system, immune system, throat, headaches, and even feminine issues. 
Today, we are giving you a traditional recipe and step by step so you can make your own Jamu at home. All of the ingredients can be found in your local supermarket and it's not hard to make. The ritual itself is very meditative as it makes you interact with nature. We are breaking the negative stigma around the word jamu and inviting you to get back to your roots. Homemade traditional 'Kunyit Asam'
is good for detox, immune system, skin, and brain function. 


Main Ingredients:

  • 3 pieces of turmeric
  • 1 block of palm sugar
  • 1/2 packet of tamarind (You may add more according to your preference)
  • Water

Step :

  1. Peel of the turmeric and wash it with clean water
  2. Grate the turmeric
  3. Boil water into a medium sized pot
  4. Put the grated turmeric into the pot of boiled water
  5. Mix the brown sugar into the pot
  6. Put the tamarind into the pot and squash it inside the pot until its juice come out
  7. Wait around 15 minutes until everything has been boiled perfectly
  8. Filter and move the jamu into your preferred container
  9. Serve it while it's warm or store in the fridge if you like them cold

*Fresh jamu can be stored up to a maximum of three days in the fridge with sealed container.

There are many variations to this traditional recipe, some add a little bit of salt or some add a little bit of galangal. Alter it to how it suits you and make this healthy habit a weekly routine. 
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay #homewithimaji


Written by Imaji Studio