#imajinspires: Gifts that Gives

Although Christmas comes a little differently this year, the joy of giving is as strong as ever. This season, instead of having a grand celebration let's take a step back  and be grateful for our close knit small circle. Make your gifts personal and thoughtful.

Here's a little gift guide from us to you from our favorite artisans and collaborators. Spread around positivity, give out love and mindful presents that remind you how wonderful it is to be alive. 

1. Bedong Bag by Jazmine Wilson

A step toward the growing plastic problem the Bedong Bag is a versatile solution that can be worn as a scarf or folded into a bag. It is crafted by Sukawati seamstresses that have been directly impacted by this pandemic and naturally dyed with the plants native to Bali. This is simply a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Artisanal Ceramic from Hello Rat Project

Hellorat Project is a ceramic studio focused on making
limited batches of handcrafted ceramic. The Designer explores different approaches in techniques, materials, shapes and design to keeps on maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the product. 

3. Home Accessories from Sulla Home

Home and living in ethereal comfort, our girls from Sulla Home is about sending love straight to your home from their studio. There's nothing like the feeling of being nestled in your bed in times like this. 

4. Tropical Plants from Hofmann Journal

We are guilty of gifting all our close friends with plants, it livens up a place, brightens your day, it grows, and also it gives a natural air filter. What more do you need? There will always be nothing better than gifting your loved ones green friends. Green is always good. 

5. Multi Purpose Sanitizer from CRÉ

This multi-purpose sanitiser is small, compact, and handy. Besides that, it gives you a little extra energy during the day with its fresh fragrant. Concocted with Jasmine and Peppermint essential oil, it's soft on the hands and safe for children.

6. Grooviest Accessories from Ègon

Hand crocheted bucket hats, tiny purses, and the things you need but haven't realized them yet. Ègon have a range of accessories that can be brighten up your day in an instant.



If you are into gift giving that requires little or no budget just some extra effort, here are a few ideas that you can make for your special ones. Remember to enjoy the process!

7. A Quarantine Spotify Playlist

8. Zero Waste Fabric Masks

Have some left over waste fabric at home? Why don't you make it into something else and gift your best friend with fabric mask. It's super easy to make your own.

10. Home Made Jamu

This requires little or no effort more than heading to your local market and getting some fresh ingredients. Jamu short for 'Jampi Usodo' means prayers for health. Try making this easy recipe for you to enjoy together with your family or give it to your close friends. If you don't have time to make one you can always head to your local jamu dealer, Suwe Ora Jamu is our favorite.


It doesn't always have to be a gift to somebody else, you can gift yourself for getting through the year as a token of self-love. What matters most is your health and safety. 

Stay safe, stay mindful, stay #homewithimaji.

Written by Imaji Studio