IMAJI Studio at JFFF 2016

Showcasing all three volumes of our "Dongeng Alam" collection, we are thrilled to be joining other young Indonesian designers to be part of Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival: Outfit of the Day brought to you by Studio One. Outfit of the Day focuses on emerging designer's take on everyday apparel that is elevated into the next level.

Our collection is a cohesive take on our Dongeng Alam Vol. I - III: "Earth", "Water", "Air". It is combining aspects of the everyday necessities into fabric design that is experimental using natural plant based dyes with different techniques. We worked alongside natural dye artisans who used eco-printing, airbrushes, hand-brush, and water to create all of the different motifs. By combining the playful motifs with monochromatic aesthetic we are crossing over nature into the urban. Introducing slow fashion into the fast paced world.



Written by Imaji Studio