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Omega Cargo Top

IDR 655.000

This cargo top is a classic silhouette with a larger than life cargo pockets in the front. Comes in three sizes, it caters to your style of mixing and matching. Wearing them short or wearing them loose.

Care Instruction :


1. Pre-wash your newly bought IMAJI Studio essential by hand with cold water.

2. Leave the product in the cold water for an hour and hang them in a shaded place to dry

3. Iron with medium temperature

4. Your IMAJI Studio essential is ready to wear


Caring for your IMAJI Studio essentials

1. Turn inside out and hand-wash with cold water

2. When using the washing machine, put the product inside a fine-mesh net or a bag and put the settings to delicate

3. Do not use chemical-dependent detergent because it may alter the color

4. Separate the dark colors from the light in the first two to three washes

5. Only use natural or eco detergents such as “lerak” (commonly used for Batik)

6. No bleach or dry clean

7. Do not let natural dyed goods come into direct contact with sunlight, when drying outside please dry in shaded area


Chest / Bust / L Dada : 92cm
Waist / L Perut :  86cm

Body L / Panjang : 49cm
Sleeve L / P Lengan : 16cm


Chest / Bust / L Dada : 98cm
Waist / L Perut :  94cm

Body L / Panjang : 49cm
Sleeve L / P Lengan : 16cm

Chest / Bust / L Dada : 104cm
Waist / L Perut :  100cm

Body L / Panjang : 49cm
Sleeve L / P Lengan : 18cm