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Tell us of your Instagram names @Mamaofsnow and @monoNeurotic?

T: Mama of Snow because I am Snow’s mama :D

M: Jonathan Mono is my stage name, Neurotic is my band.


Would you say your social media persona is your alter ego or your true identity?

T: Both! It’s the true me because everything there is real, but it’s also my alter ego because on social media I am more expressive in saying what I’m usually too introvert to say directly.

M: True me.

What is the most important thing for you?

T: My family’s happiness and mine too!

M: Family

Your favorit Neurotic song to dance to?

T: Berwarna, because Mono said the song is about me!


Which one is your favorit Tara style?

M: The "santai" style.


Who in your family has got your back since day 1?

T: My mom! Even though we often fight but she’s always been the one who I can count on and I’m the strong woman that I am because she taught me how.

M: Parents


Who is your biggest inspiration in life and career?

T: Joy Cho, a designer, blogger and a mom of two from LA who’s also inspired me to be a content creator.

M: Damon Albarn.


Give us something from your life we can quote.

T: "Live up your quotes, don’t just use it as a caption for your selfie."

M: "Life is just a countdown to death."


What does ‘Just right’ means to you?

T: 'Just right' to me means a condition where you’re so comfortable you don’t wanna go anywhere.

M: ‘Just right’ means ‘normal’ to me.


Describe us your most preferred situation on Sundays.

T: Just chilling at home, cuddling with Snow.

M: Sundays with good music and drinks.

Tell us your wildest imagination.

T: Going on a vacation alone without Mono and Snow.

M: Hosting the wildest party ever.